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Sonsie Meadows

Author of the
Molly Fraser Mysteries

Join Molly and her bloodhound Thurber
as they solve these Scottish mysteries


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Sonsie Meadows Buried Truths

Molly Fraser Book 1

Molly Fraser's sabbatical in a quiet Scottish village is thrown into turmoil when her bloodhound unearths a human skull. She is thrust into a mystery the villagers thought was behind them.

As Molly learns more about the victim, she wonders who she can trust.  Worse yet, someone will do anything to stop her from investigating.  


But once bones are revealed to the world, they demand only one thing—the truth.

Sonsie Meadows Meddle No More

Molly Fraser Book 2

Not again! Molly’s last visit to Scotland involved her in a long-hidden murder. Now she’s back, hoping for a peaceful time with her lover and her beloved bloodhound. Life is going her way until the village’s most interfering inhabitant is poisoned.


Molly is determined to remain uninvolved this time, but everything changes when Molly herself becomes a target. She realises that she and those closest to her could be next.

Molly Fraser Book 3

Molly and Gregor’s wedding ceremony is contested by a stranger, saying Gregor is not free to wed. The next day, he is found dead. Who was he? What did he mean? Why was he murdered? Their wedding can’t proceed until Gregor proves he is free to marry.

Gregor denies the stranger's accusation, but Molly receives cryptic letters that suggest otherwise.


As threats and intimidation escalate, her investigations put her own life in peril. 

Sonsie Meadows Unwelcome Guest

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Molly Fraser ShortStory

Molly Fraser rents an isolated cottage on the old coast road, and comes to know Mrs. Duncan, the village shopkeeper. Mrs. Duncan tells her  that the neglected stone house at the edge of the woods belongs to Old Joe, the local recluse.

A strange woman moves in with Old Joe. Who is she? Why does unsociable Joe let her stay? No-one has seen Joe since she arrived. Mrs. Duncan suspects something is wrong, and enlists Molly's help to solve the mystery.


A brilliant captivating book, kept me engaged to the end. Can’t wait for the next one.

Jacky Morton

I love the style of writing of this author and it rings very true. It is the sort of book that once started it is difficult to put down.

Verified Customer

Sonsie Meadows has done it again – this is the second book in the Molly Fraser series. It’s very entertaining with lively characters and dialogue, mystery, romance, and fun! Makes you feel like you know the town and the people. Looking forward to the next book!

Fun, quick read... set in Scotland with a Canadian woman who stumbles upon an unexplained death that is embroiling a small Scottish fishing community in gossip and accusations and tearing apart friends and neighbours. Great for ... someone who loves English cosy mysteries without the gore.

Bryonie Baxter

This is the second Molly Fraser mystery I have read and found it every bit as enjoyable as the first in the series. Sonsie Meadows paints a very real picture of small town Scotland and keeps her readers guessing who of several possible town folk is the culprit. I am definitely looking forward to the next in the series

Bill Balfour

If you are in the mood for a cozy mystery, don your Aran sweater, pour a cup of cider or hot tea, make sure it's raining or windy or snowing outside, and accompany Molly Fraser as she returns to the chilly, windswept coast of Scotland. Molly's plan is to rejoin her fine canine companion, revisit a host of small village friends and family, and test the spark of love from book one in the series. Instead she finds herself in the middle of another mystery and cannot help but give in to her investigative (snoopy?) nature.

Anthony Bidulka


Thoroughly enjoyed this murder mystery. A real page turner for me. It got me guessing from start to end, while getting a glimpse of Scottish culture. Fascinating.

In this book the author provides descriptions of the quaint Scottish seaside village and the peculiar but believable local characters, which add to the intrigue of solving the murder. Her bloodhound, friends, and family also play prominent roles with a bit of romance added. An easy read but the twists will keep you engaged and wanting to know who done it!.

Diana B.


Slipping into Molly and Thurber's world is the perfect escape from the harsh reality of life today. I can see the beach, feel the mist, the warmth of the pub hearth and the eccentric characters. I am weary of novels that seek to shock with gory details of sex, violence or anything else for that matter.

My only complaint is that you cannot write them as fast as I read them. Hoping to have another to curl up with, when the cold winds blow on my east coast farm

An exciting read that had me guessing until the end!!
Have downloaded the second book in the series and am looking forward to another Scottish mystery.

Another great read!

I particularly enjoyed how the characters and their relationships are developing, including the canine relationships. I had the good fortune to read this book over the year end holidays which added to the enjoyment and provided a wonderful ambiance to this cozy mystery. Highly recommended!




Hello and thank you for visiting my website!

I come from a large animal-loving family. We always had an assortment of cats, dogs, birds, and other small pets. So naturally, I carried this on in my adult life. I could not write about Molly without providing her with a canine companion.

The Molly Fraser mysteries are set in Scotland and feature Molly’s bloodhound, Thurber, a breed I know well, having had four of them throughout my life. Thurber is instrumental, in some way, to Molly solving the mysteries. Why Scotland? I live in Canada, but I visit family in Scotland often, and this provided me with the background for this series.

There are three novels available now: Buried Truths , Meddle No More and Malice Afoot. There is also a companion short story: Unwelcome Guest. 

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